Humidity matters!
NICE solutions for your humidification needs.


Electric heater steam humidifier.
The innovative solution! Produces aseptic steam from any type of demineralized or potable water.Ideal for humidifying technological or medical environments, where the maximum purity of steam and extended maintenance-free operation are required.


Centrifugal humidifier.
The practical and flexible solution: a small, sturdy and easy to install humidifier; ideal for cold rooms and small spaces, paper and printing industries, textile industries.

Mc multizone:

Compressed air atomizing humidifier.
The mc multizone adiabatic humidification system is ideal for humidifying medium/ large industrial environments and large volumes of air, in ducts, air handling units or rooms (e.g. cold rooms, textiles industries...).

HumiFog multizone:

High pressure atomizing humidifier.
Energy saving and hygienic safety!
The pressurized water humidification system with very high efficiency for air handling units in industrial and commercial environments and public buildings, as well as all large scale evaporative cooling applications


Immersed electrode steam humidifier.
The rational choice!
This is the result of CAREL’s thirty-year experience in the field of steam humidification, and is the most rational choice for a wide variety of applications: civil environments,offices and industrial facilities.


Gas-fired steam humidifier.
Humidify and save!
Works on potable water and demineralized water from reverse osmosis.
The gas-fired humidifier that is installed like an ordinary heating system.

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