. Freezer with humidity system for dates.

. Freezer for meat, vegetables, fruits and fish.

. Cold room Chiller for dates, Meat, vegetables, fish and dairy products.

. A defrost room and a garbage room.

. Cold rooms and show cases for chocolate without humidity.

. Industrialized ice machines such as :

•  Ice Cube
•  Ice Rings
•  Ice Block
•  Ice Plate (all starting from 1 ton to 500 ton per day).

. Industrial water cooler for machinery, for main kitchens and for restaurants from 500 liters per hour to 100,000 liters per hour.

. Supermarket Equipment such as :

•  Display freezer.
•  Chiller series.
•  Upright refrigeration and showcase for meat, dairy products, vegetables and cake.
•  Display chiller.
•  Racks shelves.

. Restaurant equipment for kitchens such as:

•  Fridge freezer
•  Chiller
•  Cooking rage
•  Fryer
•  Water heater
•  Working table for any production, for stainless steel ovens and for pizza shelves.

. Bakery equipment such as:

•  Arabic oven and dough
•  Mixer spiral machine.

. Refrigeration spare parts for all refrigeration and kitchen equipment.

. Monitoring up to100 variables recorded for more than one year.

. Providing graphs and logs on site.

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