Nice Refrigeration Devices Ind. LLC, one of the pioneers of industrial refrigeration in Sharjah, UAE, founded on the year of 1999 by Mr. Samir Saadedin is a leading company in supply and installation of cold room refrigeration system for major supermarkets, prominent restaurants, kitchen eqipment trading companies, notable hotels, floral shops as well as government offices not only in Sharjah but in the whole Emirate. with more than 15 years of experience, our industrial refrigeration solutions are built on next-generation technologies with a diligent focus on safety and integrity of our customers' products.


We deliver global competetive solutions across a broad range of cooling and refrigeration application by:

  • Performing thorough study of the site considering vital factors
  • Enhancing research and product development using the latest technology available
  • Keeping updated to the latest available technology in industrial refrigeration
  • Performing esting and maintenance to our customer's site


As our company's objective is to exceed the customer's requirements wothout jeoperdizing quality of product, maximize our sources with the least possible price.

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